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Are you ready for college mathematics?

Your gateway math course will depend on your major. Consult the course catalog or contact advising for assistance if you're not sure which pathway to take.

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How to Use EdReady for Self-Placement

Step 1: Determine your gateway math course. Your gateway math course is the first college level math course for your chosen major. Typically, non-STEM degrees will need to take MATH 120 and STEM degrees will need to take MATH 126. You can determine this information by reviewing your degree plan in the course catalog or by contacting advising.

Step 2: Complete the diagnostic test. Click the "Get Started" button above and create an account. When you've created your account, you will be asked for a key. The key you select is determined by your gateway course and will be listed in the text in the pop-up. Upon completing the diagnostic, you will be provided with an assessment of your current level of preparedness for college mathematics.

Step 3: Complete the learning modules for topics that you need to review. After completing the diagnostic, you will be given a recommended learning pathway to ensure that you have the necessary skills to succeed in a college level math course without the corequisite support. You are encouraged to complete these learning modules to maximize your chances of success if you want to enroll in a non-corequisite gateway math course.